I chose this Ted talk because it brings to light the perspective of the adulteress. Even though she did make a mistake, she did not deserve the online harassment that she received from it.

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          I picked this TED talk because nowadays, when people posts stuff to effect those who deserve it.  It also effect those who are the victims and to  who are just bystanders in these situations. The roles people play online can change in a blink of an eye from from bystander to victim, to victim to bully. If people had more empathy, not pity, and compassion, it can be better.


Harris Hardy har-har

Sam Hyde’s 2070 Paradigm Shift – YouTube

I like it because, why would I wouldn’t?

James Bridle: The nightmare videos of children’s YouTube … –

I fiddle with this one because it’s happening now, and it’s affecting the children (THE CHILDREN) almost every day. ^o^ So there’s that.


Cole Cox

I thought this video was really cool. She talked about being a playwright and a filmmaker and using her platform to give voices to humanity’s problems. She talked about creating a bridge to misunderstanding. It was really cool and powerful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I watched why videos go viral. I watched because i wondered about that.


I chose this TedTalk because it talks about how media can make a huge difference in something that a lot of people dont care much about. How something as small as a name could make such a dramatic change for the lives of whales. It made the hunters that were killing the whales back off because of how fast and how big the name debate grew.  And i thought it was cool how a simple name poll could change things.


The impact that one can make on social media using just a small post about a whale has the potential to make a change on an international scale


i chose this because i think its cool how they wanted to make it known that whales were getting killed and they wanted it to stop. so they spread the word around social media and i just think that the power of social media is cool because they got it to stop.